When you engage with Quantagen, we embark on a long-term relationship together.


We offer a broad range of services, matched to the specific needs of each project. Whether an individual ultra-low-carbon combined heat and power plant for a specific client or building. A renewable energy centre for a wider development. Or a very large embedded energy generation project in the core, generating, storing and distributing multiple 10's of megawatts of heat and power. Our team will work with you to identify the ideal service agreement that best meets your specific needs.

Service Agreements

Up to twenty years in duration and tailored to meet specific project and/or client needs.

Online Support System

SLA driven performance and reporting with comprehensive ticketing and documentation.

Technical Experts

Technical expertise in the areas of program and project development, implementation and support.

Online Reports & Dashboards

Client level real-time monitoring and reporting 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Single Point of Contact

To help or connect you to the right person who can to best suit your needs.

Risk & Asset Management

Business case, project finance and detailed risk and asset assessment and management.

We provide complete support to each of our valued customers for the life-cycle of the project.    
Our managed services and support practice has embedded cloud-based, multi-tenant, architecture for automation and business intelligence. 
This offers a fresh, borderless way of collaborating with distributed teams from different companies on multiple projects.