We're an open and collaborative company that welcomes new partnerships and consortium formations.


Together with our valued and trusted partners, we create jobs and economic prosperity for local communities and address the urgent need for sophisticated solutions that help drive the UK further into a low-carbon economy.

Outstanding Growth Opportunities

Market Development

We work tirelessly with policy-makers, regulators and local authorities across the UK with a shared goal of delivering socio-economic growth. 

Integrated Energy Strategy

Renewable energy is a young and exciting industry and not without risks. We're specialists in developing & supporting renewable energy strategies.

Project Delivery

We understand 'mission-critical infrastructure' and can deliver our energy centres in the most demanding operational environments.

Leading and managing project consortiums

As the stakeholder community evolves around our projects, we approve projects and incorporate a project-specific subsidiary company, which completes the planning and permitting process so that engineering, procurement and construction management can commence, leading to commercial operations.

As part of our professional service and support practice, all of our projects are underpinned by our exceptional support services. 
This offers our partners and clients the opportunity to be as inclusive or remote to the projects as required to suit their business needs and resourcing capabilities.