Hello, we're Quantagen. A specialist developer of sustainable energy projects. We deliver decentralised ultra-low carbon combined heat, power, cooling and energy storage. Our solutions are the cornerstone of an integrated energy strategy for district heating schemes, real estate developments and commercial & industrial demand customers. Our customers seek to cut the cost of their energy bills while increasing their Corporate Social Responsibility efforts.


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Clean air, ultra low-carbon energy for sustainable clean growth

We offer a range of services that deliver affordable low-carbon energy & clean growth, a pillar of the UK Governments modern industrial strategy.

In the core of electrical and heat transmission networks, we develop embedded heat and power generation and utility-scale energy storage projects. At the edge of the network, or near the point of use, we deliver "zero emissions" combined heat and power energy centres with or without cooling and energy storage.

At both ends of the network, we generate, store and distribute electricity and also thermal energy. Our projects are ideally suited to connecting to district heating and/or cooling schemes and can also be delivered via low-cost corporate power purchase agreements, delivering long-term fixed savings compared to procuring energy via conventional suppliers.


We engage openly and transparently with all key stakeholders and partners across the public and private sectors.

Supply Agreements

We contract with landowners, their agents, planners, fuel suppliers, EPCM & O&M contractors and enter into long-term supply agreements.

Authorities & Regulators

We work with local authorities, local community groups, environmental groups and government departments to drive socio-economic growth.

Off-taker Agreements

Our projects serve the National Grid, Developers and Commercial & Industrial demand customers with ultra-low-carbon energy.


Backed by comprehensive managed services and support, we manage our projects from inception through to being construction ready.

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